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They’re playing Basketball..

With the basketball season now underway after the proposed lockout, NBA fans find themselves in the throes of the season. I love basketball and also love playing its digital counterpart. 2K Sports have held the championship ...

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On The 2012 Horizon

Christmas is less than a week away, people have stuck their gaming gifts under the tree, and we are still playing through the glut of games that came out during 2011. The only logical question ...

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The Beautiful Game

We live in amazing times: we can instantaneously communicate pretty much with anyone we want to, go further and faster than any of our ancestors could have ever imagined. We have the capacity to literally have ...

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Last night some of the Character Select crew and I watched the Spike VGA’s and did what most gamers do when they watch the show. We yelped, balked and bemoaned the awfulness that is the ...

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There are no fluffy pillows in Starhawk’s B&B

Starhawk is trying to regain it’s title as one of Sony’s flagship franchises, piggybacking off the huge successes of Warhawk which ushered us into the next generation of console gaming. With a totally updated ...

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